SERIES: Spirit Hacks: Tips and Tools for Mastering Your Spiritual Life
MESSAGE: The Good News IS Really Good
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Acts 2:47

If the gospel is such good news (which is what gospel means), why don’t we hear more of it? Especially in a world filled with such bad news, it seems hearing a good proclamation would be a nice change. Well, there are some preliminaries to know about that will help us enjoy telling others the gospel. It’s time for some of us to get over the embarrassment of sharing our faith. It really is one of the most fulfilling activities we can ever engage in.


  1. It’s a Divine Work (“the Lord added”)

  2. It’s a Delegated Work (v. 40 “he testified”)

  3. It’s a Double Work (“to the church...those...being saved”)

  4. It’s a Daily Work (“added...daily”)

Topic: evangelism

Keywords: believers, church, community, evangelism, faith, growing, salvation, share, work

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