With the recent changes to our state's public health order, restrictions have eased enough to begin some movement forward. We are excited about what that means for our church family.

As you may have noticed, we recently posted this on our social media platforms: Calvary Church is enthusiastically preparing to reopen our campuses May 30-31. We will responsibly operate within the parameters of the prevailing state public health order as well as COVID-19 safe practices. Additional details and instructions will follow; please check our social media platforms and website regularly. We are excited to gather in person once again. #togetheragain

Finding out week-to-week what we're allowed to do has been a moving target. Pastor Skip and our church leadership want to thank you very much for your prayers and support as we seek the Lord daily for clear vision and direction on how to advance God's kingdom. Here are some important news and answers as we move forward:

  • Is Calvary Church opening with 25 percent capacity per the public health order?
    • We are reopening our campuses May 30-31 and will operate within the parameters of the prevailing state public health order. Until then, Calvary Church at Home online services ( continues to be our primary form of gathering.
    • Certain services of the church will be permitted while adhering to capacity requirements and COVID-19 safe practices. This includes counseling, funerals, weddings, etc.
    • The church is taking necessary steps to prepare for opening. For example:
      • We are increasing our inventories of hand sanitizer, disinfectant, and cleaning supplies to make our campuses as safe as possible.
      • We are preparing abundant signage on campuses as well as providing clear communication before, during, and after services, so together we can maximize our health and safety.
      • We're preparing for contactless services.
      • We're also planning for possible outdoor services or ministries in the greenbelt and/or amphitheater. We are securing the rental of a large outdoor screen for the warm months ahead, and we'll communicate with our church family what to expect.
  • Are Parchments and SoPo opening at 25 percent capacity per the public health order?
    • Beginning Monday, May 18, Parchments will open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm.
    • Parchments is preparing for capacity management, social distancing measures, patron traffic flow, minimal merchandise contact, etc. to meet the requirements of the public health order. Parchments will continue to offer pickup, curbside, and delivery orders, including the Brew & Book offer.
    • Because SoPo is classified as a restaurant, they will continue to offer drive-thru, pickup, and curbside orders only.
  • We are continuing to make prayer calls to our church family. We pray these bless you greatly. For those of you making calls, thank you for your perseverance and love in this ministry.
  • Our Kindness Campaign is meeting the needs of those in Albuquerque and on the Navajo Nation. Last Friday we delivered about $4,500 worth of water and food to the Navajo Nation. Convoy of Hope also delivered 1.5 semi-truck loads of food to the Navajo Nation. We're coordinating with Sagebrush Church and Convoy of Hope to distribute two full semi-trucks of food to some of Albuquerque's Title I families and possibly more to the Navajo Nation.

Here are some important reminders:

  • Small groups in homes are still not allowed by the current public health order.
  • We continue to encourage online meetings between departments and ministries.
  • Social distancing guidelines are still in effect and expected to be followed on campus.

Family, please continue to pray for our government leaders during this crisis as they carry unique burdens and require great wisdom for decision making. Please also pray for church leadership across our nation as they lead their congregations. Pray that God continues to redeem this crisis within our church and that we can be His city on a hill for one another and our community. We love you and we look forward to gathering in person as a family.

Your Calvary Church Leadership